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Collection Africa

The Africa collection maintains the characteristics that are now the hallmarks of Lebole Gioielli's creations,...

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Collection Bond

The bracelets of the Bond Collection are characterized by colored lines and elements in silver galvanized gold....

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Collection Bonheur

Lebole Gioielli in this collection uses four different elements to compose two pairs of earrings always and rigorously...

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Collection Buddha

The Buddha collection consists of an asymmetrical earring, in the mood of the Arezzo company, which represents...

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Collection Cho˜

Lebole Gioielli’s new Cho [Chou] collection is a pair of asymmetric earrings with a girl-butterfly in one...

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Collection Ensō

Paolo Perugini is the designer of Lebole Gioielli’s ENSO collection. Paolo Perugini, who goes by the name...

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Collection Fujiyama

The Fujiyama Collection uses ancient Japanese kimono silks for earrings, laid out with a special procedure on a...

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Gotico Bell

Collection Gotico Bell

The main motif of the Gothic Bell Collection is a small, tulip-shaped bell with four petals decorated in the same...

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Gotico Caratteri Mobili

Collection Gotico Caratteri Mobili

Caratteri Mobili is the new line that enriches the Lebole Gioielli Gothic Collection and is born from the fusion...

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Gotico Hoop

Collection Gotico Hoop

Hoop is born inside the Gotico by Lebole Gioielli: a transversal collection made up of small circles in gold-plated...

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Gotico Romantico

Collection Gotico Romantico

 The Gothic Romantic Collection, made in gold galvanised silver and bleached black, plays with its two hallmark...

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Gotico Snake

Collection Gotico Snake

In the Gothic period, the elements that make up nature and their representation have a didactic function for man,...

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Collection Hasu

Ohga is the oldest lotus flower in the world. It has an unusual, little known and evocative story. In 1951 while...

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Collection Icons

 Lebole Gioielli’s new collection “Icons Animated” expands its mood with a modular,...

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Collection Kame

A Japanese legend tells of a fisherman, Urashima Taro, who rescues a turtle battered on the beach by some children...

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Collection Kimono

All thanks to an "original idea" The Kimono Collection uses ancient Japanese kimono silks for earrings,...

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Collection Koi

Lebole Gioielli's KOI collection is designed by Paolo Perugini combining art, culture and craftsmanship.This...

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Collection Kokoro

Kokoro in Japanese can mean mind, spirit, sentiment, emotion or thought, but the Irish writer Lafcadio Hearn provided...

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Lady Murasaky

Collection Lady Murasaky

The Lady Murasaki collection revolves around a diary covered in ancient kimono silk where you can write memories,...

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Collection Mito

The "Mito" collection, consisting of a pair of asymmetrical earrings with a Dragon King on one lobe and...

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My Frame

Collection My Frame

The Frame - Switch up  Make Your Own Frame. Create a piece of jewellery with your own message. Find a match...

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My Little Lebole

Collection My Little Lebole

Small and precious the jewels of the My Little Lebole Collection are made with silks of ancient Japanese kimonos,...

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Collection Potiche

The new Potiche Collection is made from antique Japanese kimono silk, fitted using antique oriental methods onto...

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Collection Settecento

Using the same original idea, the earrings of the collection Settecento (18th century) draw inspiration from this...

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Tan Mono

Collection Tan Mono

The tan-mono is the roll of fabric that a Kimono is made from. It is 36cm wide, which is the maximum width of the...

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Collection Tourou

The star of the new Lebole Gioelli collection is the tea garden lantern, in two different pairs of asymmetric earrings....

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Collection Tsubaki

La nuova collezione di Lebole Gioielli si compone di orecchini asimmetrici realizzati in seta di kimono giapponese...

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Collection Volare

Composed of unique pieces and strictly "Made in Italy", the new collection "Volare" is made...

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Ti informiamo che saremo presenti  alla fiera HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition che si terrà...

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Open il Tarì 29 aprile 2 Maggio 2022

Ti informiamo che saremo presenti  alla fiera OPEN IL TARì che si terrà dal 29 aprile...

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