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The new Gothic Collection: GOTICO SNAKE

12 September 2019

The snake, new protagonist of the Gothic collection by Lebole Gioielli, is an animal tied to the energies of the earth's depth. He lives in the subsoil, therefore, symbolizes the strong bond with life itself as it emerges from the depths of the mother earth. It lives in harmony with its every energy vibration. Precisely for this reason it is also considered the symbol of knowledge because it emerges from the darkness towards the light. The fact that he changes skin also ties him to the process of inner transformation and spiritual awakening or for some cultures to the cycle of life of death and rebirth. In the energy of the Serpent resides the power of inner and physical healing: it destroys every evil of the soul and heals the body from the diseases that afflict it. In fact, in the Snake's venom it is still used to make various medicines.

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The new Gothic Collection: GOTICO SNAKE

10 October 2019


La farfalla rappresenta la protagonista di un antico racconto orientale che ci insegna qualcosa di interessante...

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The new Gothic Collection: GOTICO SNAKE

13 September 2019


Lebole Gioielli is at Homi Milan from September 13th to 16th to present you many news

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