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The new POTICHE collection is born!

The new Potiche collection is made with silks of ancient Japanese kimonos, spread on a wooden base lacquered with ancient oriental methods. It is made in nine different colors and mounted in 925 silver. The asymmetrical pair is composed of the shape of a Potiche, an ancient Japanese porcelain vase in a lobe and a branch of flowers on the other.
The vase, the protagonist, and the flowers, the moral, we find them in this ancient legend that tells us how an elderly woman brought water from the stream to her home every day, in two large vases placed at the end of a pole.
One of the two vases had a crack and the woman could always carry a vase and half of water to her destination. The perfect vase was proud of itself and its results. While the cracked vase was ashamed of its own flaw. One day he spoke to the woman: - "I'm ashamed, because this crack in my side causes the water to come out all along the way". But the old woman smiled and replied: - "Did you notice that there are flowers on your side of the path, but not on the other side? It is because I have always known of your defect, so I planted flower seeds on your side of the path and every day, as we return, you water them. For years I was able to pick those flowers to decorate the table. If you were not like you, I would not have had those beauties to refine my home ”.

The message we want to convey with this collection is that each of us has flaws but these are what make life interesting and rewarding.

Come and discover the new collections at trade shows:
TARI ': 7/10 October 2016 - Emerald pavilion stand E 13bis
SICILIAORO: 5/7 November 2016 - stand II

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