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Composed of unique pieces and strictly "Made in Italy", the new collection "Volare" is made with Italian silks on a soul of wood and natural stones with galvanized brass elements. Lebole Gioielli creations always follow a logical thread in the search for shapes, materials, ideas and words. In this collection we have used shapes that recall flight and all those phenomena connected to it, such as hot-air balloons and clouds from which rain falls, but also female figures with skirts inflated by the wind.

With the three subjects used, all embellished with the colors of Italian silks that give a sense of joy and lightness, two pairs of asymmetrical earrings can be composed: the Mongolfiera with the Nuvola and the Donna con la Nuvola; we have chosen to use as a basket of the Mongolfiera a spacecraft that connects to the balloon through chains interspersed with natural stones.

The idea of ​​the boat is inspired by the flying ship designed by the Jesuit Francesco Lana who, in the 17th century, described a boat equipped with large copper spheres that once emptied would have made it hover in the air. In fact, the boat and the balloon, which in the history of research have the same origins, make use of the same law: one floats on water as the other moves in the air, which is also a fluid.

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