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The "Tuscany" collection by Lebole Gioielli takes its inspiration from its Tuscan territory and uses the "Leopoldina" to develop its own models.

The Leopoldina is a type of farmhouse with specific architectural features built during the reclamation of the Val di Chiana of the Grand Duchy Pietro Leopoldo II of Habsburg Lorraine.

They are houses shaped by the Tuscan cultural tradition, which represent a real historical heritage.

The collection consists of rings and earrings.

The "Leopoldina" ring is simply made in gold-plated silver or embellished with 5 Cubic Zirconia variants: blue, black, ruby, emerald and white.

The pair of earrings "Leopoldina", according to the mood of the company, is asymmetrical. On one side we find the profile of Pietro Leopoldo and on the other the representation of the Tuscan House which gives its name to the collection. Single version in gilded silver with black stones.

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