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Tan Mono

The tan-mono is the roll of fabric that a Kimono is made from. It is 36cm wide, which is the maximum width of the traditional Japanese loom used to make the “stripes” of a kimono, while the length of the tan-mono varies according to the size of the kimono.

In traditional kimono stores, customers still choose and buy the tan-mono first and then have the kimono made for them.

We chose this common Japanese term for the new Lebole Gioielli Collection because its guiding theme is the use of fabric from Japanese tan-monos, fitted onto leather using a special technique.

In this collection, the earrings in each pair are identical - a novelty for the Lebole world. Different geometric shapes are used for each symmetrical composition, decorated with different coloured stones and set in gold galvanised brass.

The collection was designed by Paolo Perugini, an eclectic artist from Tuscany whose art ranges between sculpture, architecture and fashion.

The collection is priced under 70 euro, making it accessible to a wide range of customers.

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