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Tan Mono

The tan-mono is a roll of fabric from which a Kimono is made. It is 36 cm wide, which is the maximum width of a traditional Japanese frame, and this determines the "striped" construction of a kimono. The length of the mono-tan instead varies depending on the size of the kimono.

Even today, in traditional kimono sales stores, the customer chooses and buys the tan-mono and the garment packaging is separate.

We wanted to use a generic Japanese name to represent this new collection of Lebole Gioielli that as a guiding motif has the use of fabrics coming precisely from Japanese tan-mono and spread on leather with a particular process.

A novelty in the Lebole world, the pair of earrings is made up of two identical elements. In the symmetrical composition various geometric figures are used decorated with stones of different colors and mounted in gold galvanized brass.

The collection is designed by Paolo Perugini, an eclectic Tuscan artist, who extends his art from sculpture to architecture to reach fashion as in this case.

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