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Tanabata, seventh night of the seventh month, celebrates the meeting of two gods Orihime and Hikoboshi, represented by Two Stars in Love Vega and Altair.

Formerly on the banks of the Celestial River (the Milky Way), the emperor of the sky lived, Tentei, whose daughter Orihime (Vega) spent the days weaving. Having reached adulthood, her father chose her husband: Hikoboshi (Altair), also a hard worker, whose activity consisted in grazing oxen across the banks of the Celeste River. For the two young people it was love at first sight but taken by love and passion, they also forgot about their duties. As a result, Orihime no longer wove his canvas, leaving the gods without clothes, and Hikoboshi's oxen roamed uncontrollably across the sky. This triggered Tentei's anger and the two lovers were separated on both sides of the Celeste River and forced to return to their duties. The princess was so desperate that Tentei, moved, allowed the two to meet, only once a year, on the seventh day of the seventh month. Since then, a flock of magpies comes every year, and they create a bridge with their wings, so that Orihime can cross the Celestial River and embrace his beloved Hikoboshi.

The Tanabata collection by Lebole Gioielli consists of several pairs of earrings, all rigorously asymmetrical, made up of pairs of stars of various sizes that meet like the characters of the legend. The materials used remain tied to the company's tradition; fabrics of ancient Japanese kimonos, gold galvanized silver and natural stones combined with the colors of the fabrics.

Each pair of earrings will be attached to a strip of colored paper called "Tanazaku", which symbolizes a silk thread woven by Orihime, above it will be written a phrase "to discover" as the Japanese do on Tanabata day. In fact, to celebrate the love of the two stars in Japan on this day, "tanazaku" are hung on the bamboo trees in which poems, prayers and wishes addressed to the stars are written.


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