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Piero della Francesca chose to hang an egg from the dome in the Montefeltro altarpiece and many other artists have represented it in their work as the symbol of re-birth “par excellence”. Although the absurd paradox of the chicken or the egg is still the subject of heated discussion, Lebole Gioielli turns it on its head for surprise effect by provocatively using the feathered bird itself as a symbol of resurrection and reawakening.

Lebole Gioelli likes to play with hybrids in its choice of themes and materials. This time it has created REGALINA, an effective gift idea that takes its name from an ironic liaison between the king, personification of nobility - “Re” in Italian – and the chicken - “Gallina”, pronounced for winning affectation with just one L.

The crown is the main element in this pair of asymmetric earrings, made entirely in house from their design to their production with antique Japanese silks, semi-precious stones and feathers that elegantly blend the nuances of fabrics and gems giving new compositional variety.

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13 September 2019


Lebole Gioielli is at Homi Milan from September 13th to 16th to present you many news

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12 September 2019

The new Gothic Collection: GOTICO SNAKE

The snake, new protagonist of the Gothic collection by Lebole Gioielli, is an animal tied to the energies of the...

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