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The new collection is developed in a pair of asymmetrical earrings composed of two flying lanterns in leather covered with silks of ancient Japanese kimonos.

These magical lanterns have a very ancient history: it seems that the first ones were made precisely in the East in the 3rd century BC In oriental culture, flying lanterns are a symbol of liberation from distress, because these little lights carry our dreams high in the sky and free us from worries and negative thoughts, waiting for good feedback for the future. In fact, each lantern launched into the sky represents a desire, a desire that relies on the sky with the hope that it will become reality.

It is no coincidence that each lantern binds to its color the desire expressed:
RED symbolizes passion, joy and even luck. In fact, a red lantern throws itself for love. 

GREEN represents growth and balance.

PURPLE represents creativity, mystery and magic. In fact launching a purple flying lantern bodes well for a career or to find a new one. 

BLUE indicates calm, confidence and immortality. Choose to throw a blue flying lamp to express wishes about physical and mental healing. 

WHITE symbolizes purity, strength and justice. The white lantern, which is the most widespread, is flown to wish a new beginning or a good purpose.

There is something fascinating about seeing them fly towards the sky, you can feel a feeling of peace and hope that causes an inexplicable emotion.

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