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The new Potiche Collection is made from antique Japanese kimono silk, fitted using antique oriental methods onto a lacquered wood base form. It comes in 9 pairs of colours and is mounted in 925 Silver. Each asymmetric pair has a Potiche shaped earring in one lobe (an antique porcelain pot from Japan) and a flower branch earring in the other.

The pot is the protagonist while the flowers represent the moral of this story. They are characters in an old legend that tells the tale of an elderly woman who took water home from the stream every day in two large pots placed at each end of a stick.

One of the pots was cracked and the woman only ever managed to get a pot and a half of water all the way back home. The undamaged pot was proud of itself and its results, while the damaged pot was ashamed of its defect. One day it spoke to the woman: “I am ashamed because the water drips out of the crack in my side all the way home”. But the old woman smiled and replied: “Have you not noticed the flowers that grow on your side of the path and not on the side of the other pot? I knew all about the crack, so I planted flower seeds on your side of the path and every day as we come back home, you water them. For years I have picked those flowers and decorated the table with them. If you didn't have that crack I'd never have had all those beauties to make my house look lovely”.

The message we want to convey with this collection is that each of us has our defects but they are precisely what make life interesting and rewarding.

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