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Kokoro in Japanese can mean mind, spirit, sentiment, emotion or thought, but the Irish writer Lafcadio Hearn provided one of the best translations for this word at the end of the 19th Century: the heart of things.

Kokoro is a gaze that penetrates to the heart of things, a gaze that moves from the simplicity of a traditional world and way of life to look painfully at the things of the West, master of the world, that has traded its heart for the will to power.

Lebole Gioielli’s new collection takes the classic heart shape and dresses it in the company’s brandmark, antique Japanese kimono silk. As usual, the collection’s earrings are asymmetric but this time it is the size of each heart that changes. The materials are those we have come to know: antique silk, gold galvanized silver and natural stones.

There are two different kinds of heart earrings in the collection. The first comes with two silk hearts and natural coloured stones, while the second adds silver chains, small stones and coloured tassels to the two silk hearts.

In the Kokoro Must collection the silk hearts on wood supports are set in a frame of silver and cubic zirconia. The stones come in five colours (green, red, blue, white and black) to match the antique Japanese fabrics used.

There are two sizes and the asymmetric pair is made up of a heart topped by a crown on one side and a small crown on the other.

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