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Koi, Lebole Gioelli’s new collection, is designed by Paolo Perugini in a mix of art, culture and artisanship.

The collection is divided into two sections which use different materials but share the same protagonist: the KOI carp fish.

One of the sections employs the same technique used in Lebole Gioelli’s previous collections: coloured varnish, antique Japanese kimono silks and silver to create asymmetric earrings and necklaces in a variety of sizes.

The other, new section uses antique Japanese kimono silks fitted onto coloured leather with decorative brass elements that depict the Koi carp fish for symmetric earrings and necklaces of various sizes.

In the Far East, the Carp brings good luck and its image is often used to convey good wishes. It is also famous for its longevity which has made it an emblem of long life.

An ancient Japanese legend tells of a brave and determined carp fish that succeeded in swimming upstream, against the current of the long Yellow River, to reach the waterfall and leap to the Dragon’s Gate. The Gods, impressed by such courage, transformed the fish into an immortal dragon.

The carp has come to stand for tenacity in overcoming the obstacles in life. It is a symbol for those who wish to do great things and are not afraid of facing up to life’s adversities. The carp’s journey symbolizes the journey of a person who, in nurturing constancy and perseverance, can develop as a positive force for change.


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