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Lebole Gioielli's KOI collection is designed by Paolo Perugini combining art, culture and craftsmanship.

This time the collection is divided into two different sections for materials but connected by the protagonist: the KOI carp.

A section of the collection follows the usual technique of the previous ones: colored lacquer, ancient Japanese and silver silks developed in asymmetrical earrings and necklaces.

While the new section uses ancient Japanese silks spread on colored leather and decorated with brass plates depicting the carp. Even here we create asymmetrical earrings and necklaces in different sizes.

In the Far East the carp is an auspicious animal and its image is often used in auspicious expressions, without forgetting that its celebrated longevity makes it an emblem of long life.

An ancient Japanese legend tells of a brave and persevering carp that managed to climb the waterfall located on the Dragon's Gate, swimming the long Yellow River against the current. Overcoming obstacles and evil spirits he reached his goal. The gods, impressed by so much courage, turned it into an immortal dragon.

The carp thus took on the meaning of tenacity in overcoming the obstacles of life and is the symbol of those who aspire to accomplish great deeds and are not afraid to face the adversities of life. The path of the carp wants to symbolize the path of the human being itself which, if it develops in itself perseverance and perseverance, can emerge in life changing positively.

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