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A Japanese legend tells of a fisherman, Urashima Taro, who rescues a turtle battered on the beach by some children and is rewarded with a visit to the Dragon Palace. He spent many happy days in this underwater kingdom for three years. Eventually, however, he is overwhelmed by homesickness and asks Queen Otohime for permission to return. She agrees and gives him a box studded with jewels, however recommending never to open it for any reason. Arriving home, he discovers that more than three hundred years have passed in the real world and nobody can remember him. Having fallen into depression, he goes to the beach and remembers the precious box. He opens it and a white cloud comes out. So he ages and dies, since the box contained his real age.

History wants us to reflect on the quality of our time; often when we are happy we perceive that time flows much faster. We must never lose our bearings and always keep in mind what matters: the people around us and what we want to do with our lives. Finally, we cannot even overlook the consequences of our decisions and actions exemplified from the moment the fisherman opens the box.

The collection is developed in a pair of asymmetrical earrings with the turtle on one side and the Ryugu-jo Palace on the other. The fabric of ancient kimonos is spread on leather in the classic version and spread on silver in the mini size.


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