Wearing Art
Iro Iro

The Iro Iro collection by Lebole Gioielli is designed by Paolo Perugini, aka Peru, an eclectic Tuscan artist.

The collection consists of a pair of asymmetrical earrings; made with silks of ancient kimonos spread on leather, combined with colored stones and mounted in gold galvanized brass. The leather is expertly worked in order to create curves and handles that host cascades of stones combined with ancient fabrics.

The colors of the stones blend with the colors of the fabric flowers giving the collection its name; in fact Iro Iro in Japanese is a color enhancer, it means "Color, Color". A repetition that indicates diversity and variety; many colors, many people, many different ideas.

There is a Japanese way of saying "Jyuunin Toiro" which literally means "Ten people, Ten colors", but wants to make us understand that each of us is different from the other. Each person has a different color from the other, unique colors as each of us is, each with their own ideas and feelings. Unique colors of stones and fabrics, of countries and people, merge giving each Lebole earring the same exclusive meaning, in harmony with the unrepeatability of the material of its creations.


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