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Lebole Gioielli’s new collection “Icons Animated” expands its mood with a modular, mix and match jewel. Eight small charms representing Lebole’s iconic forms make necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets that can be customised thanks to their simple chains.

The Lebole pendants have many special features: small natural stones that recall the Arezzo house’s fabric collections lend colour and movement to these miniature works of art. The company has designed the pendants to be “talking charms” that tell a story and recount an accessible, easy to understand, memorable collection.

The iconic Lebole symbols tell the brand’s story as do the words embroidered on coloured ribbons that combine with silver filament to create a unique collection of bracelets whose key strength is its communicability.

The company wants to create a language for those who give and receive using messages written on coloured ribbons and “talking charms”, transforming the jewels of the new collection into emotion jewels.

Lebole remains true to its style and does not renounce on the value of quality while making the new jewel accessible and easy to wear, even for the very young.

The company has created a “made to measure” jewel that everyone can customise by choosing the shapes, sizes and styles they like best and experimenting with mix and match to interpret and wear.

Lebole Gioielli wants customers to be actively involved in customising their jewel and the message they want it to convey.


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