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Ohga is the oldest lotus flower in the world. It has an unusual, little known and evocative story. In 1951 while he was doing some research in Tokyo the Japanese botanist, Ichiro Ohga, found some seeds under a thick layer of peat that had been there for over a thousand years. From those seeds a unique lotus flower bloomed that had been entirely unknown until that time; it came to us intact after two thousand years in all its primitive magnificence.

The lotus seed doesn’t sprout from the earth. It is a hard nut covered with a thick skin and legend has it that even if it is thrown into the water it still won’t sprout; it has to be scratched and dented for it to open, which is why it survives best in boggy waters where it is continually dragged, pummelled and wounded by the muddy residue. The seed doesn’t cry or complain; it’s courage never fails it and it never loses sight of its aim. It can stay in the mud for ten weeks without losing its vitality. Some legends say that lotus seeds can survive for thousands of years before sprouting. Once it has sprouted, the small seed takes all its nutriment from the water. Even if the water is murky, it still grows; dirt does nothing to it, nothing distracts the lotus from its glory and so it transforms every single scrap into food, getting stronger and stronger by converting filth into an opportunity for growth. To be a lotus flower means making wonder out of adversity, persevering  in one’s goals, smiling while dancing in the mud, strengthening one’s feet as they slip and slide so as not to fall. To be a lotus flower means changing without opposing, mutating the groove of a destiny that  has already been written, transforming difficulty into opportunity.

The lotus flower symbolizes purity of soul. Its allegorical meaning is tied to its unusual characteristics. The lotus flower is born in the pond, it takes root in the mud at the bottom and its petals lie on the surface of the water. It represents man’s journey to paradise; from the mud or the impurity of life on earth, it reaches up with its long stem through the water, symbol of illumination. When it flowers it releases all its beauty, like a pure soul that reaches the skies. The new lotus flower collection is made up of earrings of different lengths and sizes decorated with natural coloured stones, suitable for all occasions.

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