Wearing Art
Gotico Caratteri Mobili

“Mobiles” is the new entry in Lebole Gioielli’s Gothic Collection and is inspired by a fusion of  ideas. The name comes from the earrings’ mobile, free moving frame in gold galvanized silver, based on kinetic mobiles in art, those sculptural works that exploit principles of balance. Objects are balanced with each other so that their horizontal supports are more or less straight; in the same way our objects, made up of coloured, multi-material elements, are suspended from a silver frame that recalls the designs of the mother collection. They move with the movement of the person who is wearing them.

Every earring, strictly single, is assembled in a choreography of different shaped, coloured stones and miniature objects that bring to mind antique cabinets of curiosities. Like our earrings, these cabinets were designed to hold objects that were special for both intrinsic and extrinsic reasons.

As a Lebole Gioielli customer, you are actively involved in the collection, whose 26 single earrings can be matched however you like to create the perfect pair for you.

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