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Gotico Snake

In the Gothic period, the elements that make up nature and their representation have a didactic function for man, full of moral meanings: in essence, nature and its images, especially those of the zoomorphic type, as well as impressing and moving essentially have the task of teaching. Each animal, therefore, appears as the image of another thing that corresponds to it on a higher plane and of which it is the symbol.

The snake, the new protagonist of the Gothic collection of Lebole Gioielli, is an animal linked to the energies of the earth's depth. He lives underground, therefore, symbolizes the strong bond with life itself since it emerges from the depths of mother earth. It lives in harmony with all its energetic vibrations. Precisely for this reason it is also considered the symbol of knowledge since it emerges from the darkness towards the light. The fact that it changes its skin also binds it to the process of inner transformation and spiritual awakening or for some cultures to the life cycle of death and rebirth.

The power of inner and physical healing resides in the energy of the Serpent: it destroys all evil of the soul and heals the body from the diseases that afflict it. In fact, the snake venom is still used to make different medicines.

The new collection winds between earrings and necklaces of various sizes that see the snake made in different positions. The technical characteristics and materials of the collection remain the same as gold galvanized and black pickled silver, with a particular procedure, to continue playing with colors, lines and shapes.

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