Wearing Art

The new collection is designed and created by the Tuscan artist Paolo Perugini. The asymmetric earrings, created with thirst for ancient Japanese kimonos spread on leather, depict an Owl and a Half Moon. The infinite colors of the fabrics are inspired by the Japanese legend of the "Gufo Tintore" according to which it was the owl that decided and changed the colors of the feathers of the other birds; with the same magic the fabrics of our earrings change color and become unique pieces.

In the Japanese world the first reason why the owl brings good luck is found in the ideograms that make up the word: in fact "Fuku" means Fortune and "Ku" means to Arrive.

Our earrings are like a Talisman: the owl gives the wearer the ability to solve problems, look beyond darkness, recognize dangers in time, interpret apparently incomprehensible signals, become wise through visions, develop the sixth sense and intuition.

The materials used are gold galvanized gold, natural stones and silk from ancient Japanese kimonos.


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