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The Fujiyama Collection uses ancient Japanese kimono silks for earrings, laid out with a special procedure on a very light wooden core. Fujiyama earrings, like all Lebole earrings, are asymmetrical; a fan is worn on one lobe and a lantern on the other.

Fans have always been an important symbol in Japanese culture, both to mark different cultural, ceremonial and religious moments, and as a gift for births and birthdays. The point of attachment of the splints is considered a representation of the beginning of life and the splints are the possible paths that life can follow. It represents, in its totality, the happiness that can be widened to become ever larger, just like the extended opening of the fan itself. On the other lobe a Lantern, typical of Japanese gardens, a point of passage and purification of the soul.

All the pieces are unique, one different from the other, exclusively "Made in Italy", assembled with elements in galvanized brass and natural stones. To help Nicoletta and Barbara Lebole in the realization of these small works of art was Paolo Perugini, a Tuscan artist.

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