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Lebole Gioielli’s new Cho [Chou] collection is a pair of asymmetric earrings with a girl-butterfly in one ear and the profile of a butterfly in the other.

The butterfly is the main character in an ancient Oriental tale that teaches us something interesting about the meaning of life.

According to the legend a man whose wife died was left to take care of his two daughters. The daughters were curious and intelligent and asked their father many questions to which he was not always sure he gave the right answer. The father decided to send them away to the wise man to get a good education.

The daughters decided to set a trap for the man to test his wisdom; they would ask him a question that he would not be able to answer. The older of the two sisters went out and caught a butterfly that she hid in her apron. They decided to ask the man if the butterfly they held in their hands was alive or dead. If the wise man said it was alive, they would kill it, but if he said it was dead, they would let it fly away. Either way the wise man’s answer would be wrong. They found the wise man and put the question to him, and he replied: “The answer depends on you, because the butterfly is in your hands”.

The legend tells us that we hold our destiny in our own hands and we should never blame others if things go wrong. We are the only ones responsible for our own happiness because happiness is inside of us. The butterfly is our life that we hold in our hands and we must decide what we want to do with it.

The earrings are made with antique, Japanese kimono silk fitted onto leather and set in brass with natural colored stones.

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