The Buddha collection by Lebole Gioielli following the mood of the company is composed by two asymmetrical earrings, on one side is represented the Buddha and on the other one the Lotus flower.

The father founder of Buddhism is Buddha, mythological character often represented sitting on a Lotus flower. Lotus, after the Asian Tradition, expresses deep and extremely powerful meanings, like spiritual growth, resurrection, self awareness and ability not to be contamined.

Exactly its pureness and ability to be untouched by corruption and sin represents the best what this water palnt expresses througt its exterior features and its specific plant characteristic.

Lotus, actually, lives in stagnant areas, with its roots well anchored to the swamps, newertheless it keep to stay clean , blossoming beautiful flower which are able to stay clean because they are hidrophonic, that means they able to reflect extarnal particles, holding back water molecules.

The rapid growth of Lotus stem emerging suddenly from the pond, stands for the gift of spiritual elevation and ability of facing, with courage and consciousness, the difficults of life represented by the mud where the plant lives.

The particular feature of lotus petals, closing at evening and reopening in the morning, stands for the life force able to regenerate.

Lotus is linked tu resurrection and immortality, because of its ability of producing deeds even after four-hundred years, its different colours represent the different colours aspects of perfection.

Red stands for heart: its pureness, authenticity, pity, passion and love. White stands for spiritual perfection and complete mental pureness. Pink is the Buddha and is the supreme flower, while blue means wisdom, knowledge and victory over the senses.


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