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The Buddha collection consists of an asymmetrical earring, in the mood of the Arezzo company, which represents the Buddha on one side and the Lotus flower on the other. The materials used are: gilded wood, silver and Indian silks that link their origin to the chosen iconography.

The "father" and founder of Buddhism is Buddha, a mythological character often portrayed while sitting on the chalice of the lotus flower.

The lotus, according to Asian tradition, expresses deep and powerful meanings, such as spiritual growth, resurrection, awareness of one's nature and strength and the ability not to be contaminated. Just the purity and the ability to remain intact from corruption and sin best represent what this aquatic plant expresses through its external appearance and its specific plant characteristics.

The lotus, in fact, lives in stagnant areas, with the roots well anchored to the swamps, yet, despite this, it manages to keep itself clean, making flowers of unspeakable beauty bloom and with petals and leaves that tend to remain clean because they are hydrophobic, that is capable of repel external particles by retaining water molecules. The rapid growth of the lotus stem, which suddenly emerges from the pond, represents the gift of spiritual elevation and the ability to know how to face, with courage and conscience, the earthly difficulties represented by the mud where the plant lives. The particular characteristic of the lotus petals, which close in the evening to reopen in the morning, represents the vital force capable of regenerating.

The lotus is also connected to the resurrection and immortality, due to its characteristic of producing seeds even after four hundred years.

Its different colors represent the different aspects of perfection. Red indicates the heart: its purity, authenticity, compassion, passion and love. White indicates spiritual perfection and complete mental purity. Pink represents Buddha and is the supreme flower, while blue means wisdom, knowledge and victory over the senses.


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