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Lebole Gioielli in this collection uses four different elements to compose two pairs of earrings always and rigorously asymmetrical. The Indian Elephant combined with a Mantra in one pair while the Pomegranate with a Flower form the other pair. All the designs recall, in a different way, luck, the title of the collection.

In fact, the Pomegranate is a highly prized fruit associated by ancient civilizations with wealth, abundance and nobility. Pomegranate is an ancient plant that originated in Asia; where archaeological finds of peels and pomegranate seeds testify to the presence of the fruit several millennia ago. In ancient times it was the plant sacred to Venus and Juno. Even today, tradition sees this fruit as a sign of good luck and is used to break it and give it away to wish prosperity.

While the Elephant, in addition to being a symbol of good luck, represents many qualities including strength, royal power, dignity, patience, extraordinary memory, wisdom, longevity and happiness. Widespread in Africa and Asia, the elephant has greater symbolic meaning in these areas of the world. The pachyderm has everything you could wish for and it is believed that when it is given away it will transfer all its extraordinary qualities to those who receive it as a gift. In addition, his big nose represents intuition and the ability to make the right choices at the right time! In fact, the curved trunk, like that of our earring, represents the strength to get around obstacles and indicates the direction to take in life.

The used silks, of Indian origin, are encased in a gilded wooden frame and combined with colored natural stones. The earrings are mounted in gold galvanized silver.

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