Small green anemone

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Anemone - Anemone Silk

Originally from China and then naturalized in Japan, the first late flowering anemone plants were brought from Shanghai to London in 1844 by the famous Scottish plant hunter Robert Fortune, the same who introduced the tea plant from China to India. The name of the flower derives from the Greek Ànemos which means flower of the wind; in fact, the anemone is a very delicate and fragile flower, whose petals are easily blown away by the wind. A legend tells that Anemone was a nymph of Flora's court. One day Zeffiro and Borea fell in love with her, but an angry Flora decided to punish her by turning her into a flower. The flower was destined to open prematurely so as to undergo strong winds, and to scatter its petals in the air, so that by the arrival of the Zeffiro breeze the flower was already withered.

The Latins used these flowers as a powerful amulet to ward off diseases and misfortunes, as Pliny the Elder reminds us in his Historia Naturalis, where it was recommended to pick the first flower in the year, close it in a red canvas bag and bring it close to the heart. to ward off evil eye and fever.

Considered the symbol of the fragile and transience of things, the anemone also represents the omen of a hope that arises after sadness.

The new Lebole Gioielli collection designed and created by the Tuscan artist Paolo Perugini consists of a pair of asymmetrical earrings that are combined in two sizes.

Using two different geometric figures as a base, "ANEMONE" in the rectangle and "FLOWER" in the triangle is perforated in Japanese. In the collection, ancient Japanese silks are used spread over very thin leather and a free brass plate is then inserted inside the earring that creates very particular plays of light and movements. The metal parts are gold-plated brass and the colored natural stones are combined with the fabrics used.

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