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A Te Che Sei

Collection A Te Che Sei

Collection “A te che sei ...” is a silver collection made in 925 galvanized glazed gold, with engraved...

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Collection Africa

The original collection of Lebole Gioielli Africa has a very special meaning thanks to the cooperation...

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Collection Anemone

The anemone, originally from China and later naturalized in Japan, was first brought to London from Shanghai in...

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Collection Bond

The bracelets of the Bond Collection are characterized by colored lines and elements in silver galvanized gold....

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Collection Bonheur

In this collection Lebole Gioielli puts together four different elements to make two pairs of their hallmark asymmetrical...

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Collection Buddha

The Buddha collection by Lebole Gioielli following the mood of the company is composed by two asymmetrical earrings,...

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Collection Cho˜

Lebole Gioielli’s new Cho [Chou] collection is a pair of asymmetric earrings with a girl-butterfly in one...

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Collection Ensō

ENSO – The Spiritual Diary of the ArtistPaolo Perugini is the designer of Lebole Gioielli’s ENSO collection....

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Collection Fujiyama

The Fujiyama Collection uses antique Japanese kimonos for its earrings, stretched over an ultra light, wooden base...

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Collection Fukuro

The new collection is designed and created by the Tuscan artist Paolo Perugini. The asymmetric earrings, created...

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Gotico Bell

Collection Gotico Bell

The main motif of the Gothic Bell Collection is a small, tulip-shaped bell with four petals decorated in the same...

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Gotico Romantico

Collection Gotico Romantico

The Gothic Romantic Collection, made in gold galvanised silver and bleached black, plays with its two hallmark...

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Gotico Snake

Collection Gotico Snake

In the Gothic period, the elements that constitute nature and their representation have a didactic function for...

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Collection Icons

Lebole Gioielli’s new collection “Icons Animated” expands its mood with a modular, mix and...

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Collection India

Beautiful and fascinating Indian fabrics from the region of Rajasthan frame images of miniature Moguls and feminine...

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Iro Iro

Collection Iro Iro

Lebole Gioielli’s new Iroiro Collection was designed by the eclectic Tuscan artist, Paolo Perugini, alias...

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Collection Kame

Una leggenda giapponese narra di un pescatore, Urashima Taro, che soccorre una tartaruga malmenata sulla...

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Collection Kimono

It is all about an "original idea"The earrings of the collection Kimono are all made of antique Japanese...

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Collection Koi

Lebole Gioielli's KOI collection is designed by Paolo Perugini combining art, culture and craftsmanship.This...

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Collection Kokoro

Kokoro in Japanese can mean mind, spirit, sentiment, emotion or thought, but the Irish writer Lafcadio Hearn provided...

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Lady Murasaky

Collection Lady Murasaky

The Lady Murasaki Collection revolves around a ring that contains a small diary covered with silks of antique...

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Middle Ages

Collection Middle Ages

The new Middle Ages Collection stars single earrings that mix gold galvanized silver lace with silk fabrics like...

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Collection Mito

The MITO collection presents asymmetrical earrings with a Dragon King in one lobe and a Tor-ii in the other, made...

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My Little Lebole

Collection My Little Lebole

Small and precious the jewels of the My Little Lebole Collection are made with silks of ancient Japanese kimonos,...

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Parlez Pour Moi

Collection Parlez Pour Moi

The "Parlez pour Moi" collection takes its name from one of the coins that make it up. There are six...

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Collection Potiche

The new Potiche Collection is made from antique Japanese kimono silk, fitted using antique oriental methods onto...

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Quadratura del Cerchio

Collection Quadratura del Cerchio

“La Quadratura del cerchio” is a classical problem posed by ancient Greek geometers: how to construct...

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Collection Rantan

The new collection is developed in a pair of asymmetrical earrings composed of two flying lanterns in leather covered...

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Collection Regalina

Piero della Francesca chose to hang an egg from the dome in the Montefeltro altarpiece and many other artists have...

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Collection Samarcanda

The collection Fall-Winter 2014 by Lebole Gioielli' is called Samarcanda and it is made up of Ikat fabrics...

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Collection Settecento

Using the same original idea, the earrings of the collection Settecento (18th century) draw inspiration from this...

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Tan Mono

Collection Tan Mono

The tan-mono is a roll of fabric from which a Kimono is made. It is 36 cm wide, which is the maximum width of a...

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Collection Tanabata

Tanabata, seventh night of the seventh month, celebrates the meeting of two Orihime and Hikoboshi gods, represented...

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The Circle

Collection The Circle

Gli orecchini della nuova collezione The Circle sono realizzati con capsule piatte stampate su banda stagnata,...

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Collection Tuscany

The "Tuscany" collection by Lebole Gioielli takes its inspiration from its Tuscan territory and uses...

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Collection Volare

Composed of unique pieces and strictly "Made in Italy", the new collection "Volare" is made...

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Dall'8 al 18 Febbario Lebole Gioielli partecipa esponendo la Collezione Lady Murasaky alla Mostra Be a Sweet...

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HOMI FASHION & JEWELS - il Salone dedicato alla moda e al gioiello     Vieni a trovarci...

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