The Lebole Gioielli story is a tale of inspiration,
passion and tradition.

Mario Lebole and his brother were ahead of the times when they founded “Uomo in Lebole” in the 1950s and revolutionised the world of men’s fashion with their ideas and spaces. Since then, thanks to Mario Lebole’s daughter Nicoletta and his grand-daughter Barbara, the Lebole style has also met the world of jewels.
Lebole Gioielli

Mario is a charismatic and revolutionary man who never stands still. He educates and influences his daughter Nicoletta as a citizen of the world with a love of art and fashion. Nicoletta grows up surrounded by his collections, from Etruscan to contemporary art, and in the early 1970s she decides to open an antiques store in her home town of Arezzo. In 1984, after ten years, she is ready to open a second store in via Babuino, Rome.

Arezzo is home to “LEBOLE jewels” in the “SpazioLebole” venue, where Mario Lebole first opened his tailoring factory many years before. The old industrial space has been restored in unique contemporary style with state-of-the-art decorative contrasts, while maintaining respect for the original building.

Lebole Gioielli

Nicoletta passes her passion on to her daughter Barbara and their mutual understanding takes them around the world on endless travels, searching for influences and inspiration to enrich their cultural and professional experience. Nicoletta and Barbara’s interest in antiques leads to the development of an extremely personal aesthetic, based on the infinite and fascinating facets of women in art. “I discover my story and relive my past in every one of the objects I find” says Barbara, “each creation is the sum of years of accumulated work and study for myself and my mother; we understand each other”.

Stories of women where empathy, passion and love have produced beautiful art.

Lebole Gioielli

Lebole Gioielli creations are earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, all made entirely by hand, each with a story to tell, each part of a bigger picture: The Kimono collection narrates a journey to Japan; the Africa collection takes us to the black continent to narrate a project realised in collaboration with the humanitarian association Oxfam; the Settecento collection is inspired by the 18th century… and these are only some of the Lebole Gioielli stories.

Art, culture and fashion create an extraordinary bond that comes alive in every single creation thanks to Nicoletta Lebole, Barbara Lebole and Paolo Perugini.

Two different personalities and two different life stories come together through the love of art in all its many forms.

Thanks to her father, Nicoletta lives in the world of art.
She makes art with antiques and this has become her core business.

Lebole Gioielli

Paolo, or Perù in art, has made art his life and work. Nicoletta’s extremely personal aesthetic research is based on women in art; during her travels, she is always on the lookout for ideas and inspiration. Paolo is an eclectic artist; his works include environmental sculptures, painting and design. With his technical skills, Perugini gives a new and different life to materials by recycling and reusing them. His technical abilities and his artistic vision of the world, combined with Nicoletta’s cultural knowledge and femininity turn the Lebole jewels into real masterpieces. A perfect mix of magical harmonies that make every single Lebole jewel unique of its kind.

Lebole Gioielli

Lebole Gioielli is a feature at the most important trade fairs of the field, such as Vicenza, Homi, Sicilia Oro and Tarì. Art and fashion come together and the inspiration of travel unites each of the collections.